Can A Backup Camera System Make You A Better Driver?

“Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” This famous phrase has been said so many times it has nearly lost it’s meaning. Still when I think about it I come from a completely new angle That is because I have been thinking about backup camera systems for cars and trucks a lot. I only started driving recently but honestly I am really terrible at it. I have been in about four accidents since I got my license just two months ago. It is not that I have trouble minding the road or have a lack of focus I think it may just be that I lack confidence. I am hesitant and nervous whenever I make a move on the road and I have anxiety attached to a number of fairly basic moves. In particular I am not very good at u-turns, k-turns, parallel parking, changing lanes on the highway, getting on the off ramp, getting off the on ramp, changing radio stations while my foot is on the gas, eating while driving, Tweeting while driving, lighting a cigarette while driving, smoking a cigarette while driving, holding a conversation while the car is turned on and making right turns.

That may seem like a lot of problems to have and perhaps some of the things I am attempting to do are a little ambitious for a new driver(some of these things might also be a legally punishable offense) with such a nervous disposition but there may still be hope. A backup camera system is just what my car needs to make me and the rest of the road safer. I can not believe I did not think of a back up camera system sooner.

As kids my father had a beautiful RV and even back then in the heady days of the early Aughts, he had an RV backup camera system. It made parking that tank so much easier to be be able to look at the view from behind with a truck back up camera. For my old man, who was an excellent driver surely embarrassed by me, the RV backup camera was a way to protect his beloved truck. For me a backup camera system might be the difference between flattened pedestrians and none flattened pedestrians. So don’t worry everyone on the road I am going to run out and get a vehicle backup camera right now. Okay, maybe worry for the next few days, not sure how long this will take.

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